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Who’s going to let the dogs out

Mophie turns to
cheap ray bans a new power reserve to recharge festivalgoers’ smartphones at this year’s South By Southwest: St. Bernards.

This upcoming weekend Friday to Sunday attendees at the festival in Austin, Tex., who have sapped phone batteries can tweet to mophie and possibly be revived by mophie’s St. Bernard rescue dogs.

That the canine breed gained renown for saving people in the Alps served as the inspiration for the SXSW event, said Kevin Malinowski of mophie’s internal marketing department. "They are obviously traditionally known for saving peoples’ lives so we took that and molded it into our own thing," he said.

Selected tweeters will get a return tweet and a link to an interactive map that tracks the real time location of their rescue dog as it makes its way. The dog has
replica ray bans a mophie power reserve battery in the barrel around its neck. Twice a day, the dogs will deliver special (Product) Red
discount ray bans power reserves.

Also, festivalgoers who see the dogs in action on the streets of Austin can also attempt to stop them for a photo that, if they tweet it, can make them a winner, too.

The St. Bernard Rescue Foundation has partnered with mophie on the program and some of the dogs will be available to be adopted. People can visit the dogs and get pictures taken with them at the lodge. "So at the end of the day it’s mophie and St. Bernards save the people of South By and the people save
cheap ray ban outlet the St. Bernards," Malinowski said.Articles Connexes:

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