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Eric Church gets a good one on in L

Where: Staples Center, Los Angeles

When: Jan. 23

Eric Church setlist: The Outsiders/ Creepin’/ Guys Like Me/ Lotta Boot Left to Fill/ Pledge Allegiance to the Hag/ Talladega/ Drink in My Hand/ Hungover and Hard Up/ Livin’ Part of Life/ Cold One/ That’s Damn Rock Roll (with Lzzy Hale)/ Give Me Back My Hometown/ Homeboy/ Dark Side/ Devil, Devil/ Country Music Jesus/ Smoke a Little Smoke/ Jack Daniels/ Sinner Like Me/ What I Almost Was/ How ‘Bout You/ Like a Wrecking Ball/ These Boots/ The Ballad of Curtis Loew (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)/ Can’t Take it With You/ (Unknown cover which Church didn’t finish)/ Dancing in the Dark (partial Bruce Springsteen cover). Encore: Springsteen

Eric Church knows how to put on a good show. It wasn’t that long ago that he was paying his dues in tiny, smoky clubs to only handfuls of fans across the nation. Now, the chart topping country megastar manages to bring that same sort of fun and intimacy into sold out arenas, which he did with ease at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday night.

Church had said in our interview before this particular gig that playing the legendary downtown sports and entertainment venue was a big deal. As he humbly addressed the excited audience at show time, he shared that the first time he
cheap ray ban outlet performed in the area was at the Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip in 2005, to which everyone wildly applauded.

"You weren’t there!" he quipped with a smile and a laugh, his eyes hidden by his signature Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. "Only six people were there! I counted."

The band hasn’t limited itself to any one setlist throughout this tour, varying it from city to city, diving into deeper non radio cuts and even letting fans decide on the spot which tracks they’ll dig into. One swooning , crying lady, Esmeralda, asked Church to play "Hungover Hard Up," to which he playfully replied, "I hardly know you!"

As Church opened with the title track of his latest album, "The Outsiders," a total sing along anthem, the crowd was instantly fired up. He grabbed his acoustic guitar for "Creepin’" and when he stepped up to the mic, a small camera attached to it switched on, giving those in the nosebleeds a very extreme close up look at the on stage action. He roared through "Lotta Boot Left to Fill" and "Pledge Allegiance to the Hag," in which Church pays homage to the country greats that inspired and came before him, including Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Sr. and, of course, legendary outlaw Merle Haggard.

The audience loved the old stuff, but the new material seemed to hold up just as well as lighters were whipped out and people sang along to his latest hit, "Talladega." That mellow vibe didn’t last long as Church launched into one of his most popular party tracks, "Drink in My Hand." The lyrical content definitely resonated with anyone (and on this night it seemed like everyone) who had a crappy work week and were ready to blow off some serious steam by double fisting cups of beer and blowing out their vocal cords.

There were several moments that Church took a few seconds to let it
cheap ray bans all sink in, like fans singing so dead on to the chorus of "Give Me Back My Hometown" that he gave up the mic for a line or two. The crazy Southern California country music lovers didn’t let him down and he sported a wide, genuine, ear to ear grin.

Church brought out
discount ray bans Lzzy Hale from his opening act, Halestorm, to perform "That’s Damn Rock Roll," which the duo had done live at the CMT Awards in June. It was a definite highlight of the evening as Hale, who is an absolute metal goddess with a growling, powerful voice, kept Church on his toes and wailing along just to get on her level. During "Devil, Devil" a ginormous blow up Satan appeared, which served as a not
discount ray bans so subtle nod to another one of his favorite artists, Iron Maiden. He followed it up appropriately with "Country Music Jesus." Though throughout the evening you’d catch little whiffs of some weed, it wasn’t until Church’s "Smoke a Little Smoke" that even he was smiling and acknowledging, "Hey guys, I smell it!"

Even 25 songs in, Church didn’t look like he was going to slow down. The band performed a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s "The Ballad of Curtis Loew," an obscure choice, but a lot of people still sang along. After "Can’t Take it With You" he attempted to do a cover someone in the audience had called out, which I didn’t catch, but only got a few lines in before calling it quits. He instead headed into his hero, Bruce Springsteen’s, "Dancing in the Dark" before finishing off the evening with his No. traffic, I regrettably missed all of Halestorm’s opening set and barely made it inside to hear Church’s special guest on this run, Dwight Yoakam, covering Buck Owens’ "Streets of Bakersfield." Yoakam is a flawless performer, his vocals were spot on and he’s hired a fantastic band to back him on stage. He played his hits "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere," "Guitars, Cadillacs" and "Fast as You" as well as some of his famous covers, such as Johnny Horton’s "Honky Tonk Man" and Johnny Cash’s "Ring of Fire." The real treat came with the debut of a brand new song, "Second Hand Heart," which, Yoakam noted, will be released on a full length album in the spring.Articles Connexes:

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